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Cosmic Traveler - A Kurt Zimmerman Retrospective

In an effort to halt the spread of Covid-19, Cosmic Traveler in an online only show. Currently Jeanine Taylor Folk Art is closed to the public and open by appointment only. If you have any questions about purchasing artwork call or email the gallery. As usual, our shipping department is open for business. We are also now offering curbside pick up in our alley way (think drive through art gallery)!

A note from Jeanine:

I first met Kurt Zimmerman when he was introduced to me by the late Frank Holt, director of the Mennello Museum of American Folk Art in Orlando. Because Kurt lived so close to Orlando (Cocoa), I saw he and his wife, Joan quite often. Easy going and kind, we would sit under his bougainvillea arbor and visit. When a Hurricane threatened, I invited them to evacuate and stay with me (it didn’t hurt to have a former NASA engineer w/you during a hurricane). My last memory of Kurt was dancing with him at his 75th birthday party.

Due to the recent turn of events our global community is combating, the grand opening reception scheduled for this Saturday has been moved to the virtual world. Kurt's step daughter, Celeste Danforth, aptly reminded us how Kurt would take this situation as a "cosmic path" with mysterious reasons that have yet to be revealed. In lieu of her attendance, she has been savvy enough to film a brief video sharing her thoughts on her late step-father and his artistic legacy.

As a special treat, Dr. Kristin Congdon, UCF Professor Emerita, has graciously written a beautiful tribute to Kurt on our blog. Her poignant essay calls our attention to Kurt's ongoing message of "unity and connectedness in the universe that we should all recognize and celebrate." Beautiful.

I am greatly honored to be asked by Kurt’s family to offer you this rich and diverse collection of masterful work from the past four decades.

Artfully Yours,


PS. Follow us on Facebook this Saturday for a guided remote tour of Cosmic Traveler with me and gallery manager, Bailey Wight.

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Michael Meza
Michael Meza
Sep 13, 2021

Thanks great post.

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