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Halloween Boo-Tique - A Frighteningly Good Time!

When: Saturday, October 3rd from 4 to 8pm

Where: Jeanine Taylor Folk Art &

We are only one week away from the grand opening of our annual Halloween Boo-Tique and given the circumstances, this year we're trying something new. The show will open in person and online simultaneously!

The gallery will be closed Saturday, Oct. 3rd from 2-3pm to give us a little time to set up the show and add a few final touches. The gallery will reopen exactly at 4pm, the same time the art goes LIVE on the website.

Due to high demand, we are unable to share any first looks or pricing info with guests prior to the show. This is a first come first serve event!

Peep below to learn more about the Boo-Tique's featured artists...

Kerry Schmidt

Felted oddities of the ghoulish persuasion come to life by the hands of Arizona based artist, Kerry Schmidt. The eye-popping characters in Schmidt’s arsenal include hard-nosed crows, snarling French Bulldogs, grinning bats and a few vegetables with an attitude. Her work has been featured in multiple magazines and collected far and wide.

As a self-professed Moon Child, Jane Theis feels the freest creating under the light of a full moon. Her use of color blocking paired with her wry sense of humor yield high impact conversation pieces. Often painting on bargain bin record sleeves, Jane will use the subject matter as a jumping off point for her laugh out loud oddities.

Darlene Allen

Darlene Allen possesses a love for Jim Henson, misfit toys and mohair. Her title as a Master Bearmaker is well earned and very apparent. Allen’s mohair creatures are tediously assembled with masterful hand stitching and given a mischievous grimace.

Josh Cote

Josh Cote's wire sculptures are making a super rare appearance at the Halloween Boo-Tique this year! Masterfully crafted, Josh creates ultra animated crows from steel coated wire using only his hands and a pair of needle nose pliers. His process for creating these lifelike crows is extremely arduous but the result is stunning. BONUS: Josh's sculptures are safe outdoors (take that, HOA!).

For Melissa Menzer there is no better muse than vintage sepia toned photographs of long forgotten relatives found in the bargain bins of Florida’s roadside flea markets. Her wry quirk can be attributed to her parents who were artists and antique dealers in the Washington DC area. Menzer utilizes varied materials from cabinet card photographs to vintage silverware. Orlando culture seekers may remember Menzer’s featured bejeweled birds at the Mennello Museum of Art under Frank Holt’s reign.

Now living in the quiet rural town of Ocala, Florida, Patty Bonner paints memories of her life growing up in Salem, Ma. That’s where her love for autumn mornings, horror show double features and trick or treating was nourished. Patty’s love for October vibes serves as inspiration for her intricately detailed memory paintings. We're excited to feature Patty's artwork at the Halloween Boo-Tique!

Anthony Pack’s multimedia upcycled assemblages round off this Halloween Boo-tique squad. His famous suited devils made of wood scraps and book covers have a wide appeal. It is common for his creatures to wear a startled expression across their mug. Last year he included Frankenstein and his bride, as well as a spot-on Edgar Allen Poe.


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