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Happy Holidays from JTFA!

Please accept my sincere thanks for your interest in my gallery this past year. Bailey and I enjoy connecting with you and keeping you informed about our artists and happenings. As with most all of us, we are looking forward to spending time with family & friends and having a few days off. Then we hit the ground running and start preparing for our 2022 shows and events. We are keeping with tradition and hosting Theresa Disney for our winter show opening on January 29. Theresa is “painting up a storm” as I pen this to you. Her chosen title “Spirit & Soul”, will bring a fresh variety of subject matter near and dear to her spirit, soul & heart. Join us! Artfully Yours, Jeanine

New Artwork by Missionary Mary Proctor In 1995, a year after three of Mary Proctor's family members perished in a trailer fire trying to find a way out, she received a Spiritual Message. She was told to paint a door. She followed directions, leaned it up against her chain link fence and sold it to a passing collector. More doors were commissioned and a show in New York convinced Proctor that this was her calling. Click here to learn more about Mary Proctor and view her latest available work.

Mark Your Calendars for Spirit & Soul Opening Reception 1/29/22 Theresa Disney will help us ring in the new year with our first show of 2022! This event will be in person and visible on our website. Theresa tells us "The paintings are from my spirit and soul." We can expect to see a lot of plays on shape and color, visual energy, florals and maybe even "fandango dancing animals..."

New Arrivals! In case you missed it - new art by Theresa Disney, Mary Proctor, Harold Newton and more!  Click here to view new artwork.


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