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Happy New Year! - We're taking a look back and moving forward...

Taking a look back...

We began 2022 with optimism that Covid could be contained and we might get back to normal in our gallery schedule. It was difficult not having our 2021 guest artist shows and events that our collectors and friends enjoy.

As usual, Theresa Disney did not disappoint! Last January I drove to St. Louis to pick up her new art and was followed back by a snow storm! Please join us on January 28 for the debut of her enchanting 2023 collection.

In March, I was contacted by the Orlando Business Journal requesting an interview discussing Central Florida businesses purchasing original art and supporting local galleries and artists. Writer Peyton Wittington captured the essence of what so many of my collectors and customers believe – original, one of a kind art appreciates in value and creates an image of prestige and good taste.

Later in March we opened “Art in the Garden”, a customer favorite show we repeat every few years. Artist’s included Cecil Allee, Bailey Jack, Pat Juneau and bottle trees from David Hammock. Everly After Gardens created a garden wonderland that added a “wow factor” that enhanced the art and delighted visitors to the gallery.

As fall rolled around, a feeling of normalcy set in. “Into the Woods” was a blockbuster show! Our combination of artists created a magical forest scene-Josh Cote’s extraordinary wire rabbits, crows and bats; Lonnie & Twyla Money’s fanciful carved woodland creatures; intricately designed gourds by Magali Cerenghino-Groves and John Cornbread Anderson’s bears, foxes, fish, guinea hens, rabbits and racoons covered the walls. A show to remember! In fact, I was contacted by the Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts to recreate the show in Florence, Alabama next fall.

I experienced the honor of a lifetime as I was asked to judge 2022's Kentuck Festival of the Arts alongside award-winning journalist, Claudia Dreifus. It was a beautiful weekend that dripped with creative talent.

As we wrap up our latest spin around the sun, I'd be amiss without taking a moment to remember two legends we lost in 2022 - Ruby C. Williams and Ab "The Flagman" Ivens. Their spirits will live on forever in their art, the lives they touched and the stories that we'll never forget. The great art gallery in the sky added two stars to its roster.

Artfully Yours,


PS. check out this TikTok slideshow of a few most memorable moments from 2022:


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