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Into the Woods Opens!

Hello and welcome to August!

I am thrilled to open our first formal show since COVID raised its ugly head. Keeping in mind greenspaces throughout our southern region, I’ve selected some wonderful artists that created to the theme:

John Cornbread Anderson sets the scene with a varied selection of paintings capturing a range of flora and fauna. A menagerie of raccoons, rabbits and a big black bear compete for attention. From the aviary come a nuthatch, an elegant Audubon-esque blue heron and a stellar assortment of guinea fowl.

Lonnie and Twyla Money contributed whimsical creatures native to their Kentucky neck of the woods, keeping in their Scandinavian style carving tradition. Soaring birds, chunky chickens and new for this show – a pair of plump quail! One of my favorites showed up - a black bear with a rainbow trout for dinner in his mouth!

Our cover artist, Josh Cote intertwines his hay bailing wire to bring to life rabbits, crows and bats in our forest environment to add an element of capricious delight. Josh’s lifelike creatures are the perfect bridge between the wildly lush forest and our own tamer daily life.

We are honored to introduce a new artist from Orlando, Florida, Magali Cereghino Groves. Magali graciously contributed her museum quality wood burned gourds to our gallery forest. Sourced from a farm in Georgia, Magali brings the dried gourds home to create intricately designed scenes of the natural world.

Join us this Saturday from 6-9pm for the opening reception of Into the Woods. If you can’t be here in person, visit us online where all art will be available for purchase.

Artfully yours,



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