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Join us for our annual Holiday Trunk Show with Melissa Menzer and Darlene Allen!

Join us this weekend!

Saturday 12/3: 11am-3pm

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art welcomes the public to meet assemblage artist, Melissa Menzer and master bear maker, Darlene Allen for a Holiday Trunk Show not to be missed!

This duo makes magic with their unique and festive creations. Florida folk artist, Melissa Menzer puts a witty spin on the holidays with her antique assemblages made from clay and rescued vintage treasures.

If you’re looking for something of the warm and cuddly variety, take a peek at Darlene Allen’s masterful mohair creatures! Darlene seamlessly brings her plush friends to form with painstaking hours of masterful sewing precision. Each piece is made with love and goodwill to all.


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