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Remembering Mr. Imagination

It is with deep sorrow that I share the news that Mr. Imagination (a.k.a Gregory Warmack) passed on yesterday morning at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Complications from a spider bite and pneumonia were the cause of death.

Mr. I was prolific from a young age. He told me he slept under the kitchen table because his bedroom was filled with his art.

To me, Mr. I seemed to have nine lives. From being innocently shot in a 1978 armed robbery in Chicago to being here in Florida when his Pennsylvania house burned down in 2008, he always survived his share of calamities. It is very difficult to grasp the fact that he has passed on.

I know I will cherish the times spent with this tall, lanky leprechaun that people would instantly feel a connection with and get involved in any project he happened to be stirring up.

I will think of him every day I come to work and look at the memory wall installation he created on the façade of our gallery

in 2007. True to his big heart, children continue to sit enchanted in front of it, finding mementos that our Sanford community entrusted Mr. Imagination to place in the wet cement in those hot July days.


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