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Spring Workshops Abound and Celeste Mogador Brooches Are in the House!

Mark Your Calendars!

Pop Up Show and Meet & Greet with Cecel Allee

Friday 3/17, 6-8pm

Join us for Friday, March 17th for a pop up show featuring Georgia based self-taught artist, Cecel Allee! The artist’s sophisticated palette and subject matter yields a genre bending collection of art that exudes a peaceful warmth. Guests will have the opportunity to meet Cecel in person and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Cecel began painting years ago as she convalesced at home after major surgery. As she nurtured her need to create, her following of collectors began to bloom. Early on, Cecel would pack her van full of fresh art and head to the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta, GA. The broad appeal of her aesthetic made her work immediately popular among interior designers.

She resides on a plot of land in north Georgia lovingly referred to as Lemonade Farm. As it sounds, her home and studio are whimsical and refined (think down home comfort meets Architectural Digest). Each of her paintings contains a bit of magic and spark the artist is known for.

Show-Stopping Brooches by Celeste Mogador

Hand crafted brooches and earrings have landed on our website for a limited time! Pascale Nivet Bernetiere is the designer and artist behind the French atelier, Celeste Mogador. Based in Carhaix, France, she works for hours on end to create each piece. We are so excited to feature this stunning collection at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art this month!

Floral Painting Workshop with Cecel Allee

In a rare appearance, Cecel Allee will join us on March 18th for a floral painting workshop at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art. Similar to classes taught years ago at her home on Lemonade Farm in north Georgia, Cecel will share guidance in design, color and form. Participants will walk away with a complete 16x16 floral acrylic painting on wood.

Create Your Own Creature Workshop with Melissa Menzer

Join us April 1st for an open studio workshop with antique assemblage artist and sculptor, Melissa Menzer! This class is designed to allow students the creative freedom to pick their own subject matter while being provided group and one on one guidance. All supplies are included, and guests will have full access to Melissa’s abundant antique trinket collection to incorporate in their sculptures.

New Arrivals Are in the House!

Hop over to the New Arrivals tab on our website to check out the latest pieces from Pat Juneau, Sarah Rakes, Melissa Menzer and more!


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