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Theresa Disney's kaleidoscopic world comes to JTFA!

Out of the darkness and into the light – our inaugural show of 2022 is shaking off the winter blues and bringing vibrant joy into focus. Harmony is a new collection of work that is quintessentially Theresa Disney.

The show opens in person on Saturday, January 28th at 6pm. Collectors and friends from afar will have access to this dreamy collection on our website at 7pm this Saturday.

From the sanctuary of her home, Theresa has spent the last few months creating a world of technicolor florals, luminous guardian angels and portraits of four legged scallywags to don the halls of Jeanine Taylor Folk Art. As we’ve all learned, the pandemic has come with a few blessings in disguise and Theresa welcomes any reason to stay home to create. Her work from home schedule begins at sun up and goes until exhaustion sets in. In a departure from darkness, she employs a color palette best described as groovy.


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