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We Say Goodbye to a Folk Art Legend - Rudolph Valentino Bostic

We Say Goodbye to Folk Art Legend, Rudy Bostic As many of you have heard, we lost another cherished artist this summer – Rudolph Valentino Bostic. I received an announcement from his sister, Caroline sharing: On June 4, 2021 the world lost a gentle giant, the talented, world renowned Rudolph Valentino Bostic. Mr. Bostic set the world on fire with his vibrant religious art works. He will be sorely missed. I met Rudy in the late 1990s while visiting family in Savannah. I remember climbing spiral stairs to his forth floor studio. Stacks and stacks of jewel toned paintings leaned against the walls. Working the night shift at a bakery, Rudy found his medium of choice. He cut up card board boxes that were used to ship flour and sugar. Choosing enamel paint, his subject matter was the Bible. Using materials at hand and having an an intense, intrinsic desire to create, Rudolph Valentino Bostic preached the good word through his art. Rest in peace, Mr. Bostic. Artfully yours, Jeanine

Melissa Menzer's Heirloom Santa Workshop October 9th 10am-3pm Click here to learn more. For Melissa Menzer the holidays extend far beyond the season and this October she is bringing interested participants into the dazzling world of her heirloom Santa making process. All supplies will be provided including a hand sewn vintage Santa coat! This workshop was set to debut in March of 2020 and well, we all know how that turned out... All we can say is Melissa's Santas are worth the wait! Sign up online or by phone. 407-323-2774

CJ Williams Art Collection You might remember CJ Williams – or Charley, as he is known to us around these parts – from our video tour of his collection on display in the 83-piece show Power, Myth & Memory at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park (spring 2020). Charley has discovered the desire to re-home a few select pieces from his collection and has called on Jeanine Taylor Folk Art for a helping hand in this endeavor. Based in Central Florida, Charley has been growing his collection with a well-honed eye for over two decades. Throughout the years, he has collected work from the likes of Clementine Hunter, Rudy Bostic, the Florida Highwaymen, Howard Finster and more. Many of his pieces have been lent to museums and featured in magazines. Click here to learn more about the collection and view select pieces available for purchase.

Speaking of Road Trips... Ready to take a walk on the wild side? We have a very special section on JTFOLKART.COM just for you! Take a peek at the Road Trips and Rare Finds page of the site to view oddities, scarcities and hard to find gems.


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