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An Inside Look at the House of Blues' Massive Folk Art Collection

Well, here it is - the end of a most unusual year. I feel enormous gratitude to each of you for keeping up with our month to month “art-o-logue”. Your comments, visits to my gallery, art purchases and cheerleading gave Bailey and I enormous support. Exceptional appreciation goes out to the artists I represent-many of them good friends for decades.

We look forward to a new year of art appreciation beginning in our usual manner - a January show dedicated to the imagination and talent of Theresa Disney. A robust splash of color and sentiment is just what the Dr. ordered. Because of Covid concerns, Theresa won’t be attending but I’m sure Bailey will think of some technical way to have her part of the show-appropriately titled Gratitude.

We are also grateful for the recent opportunity which granted us behind the scenes access to the expansive folk art collection housed at the House of Blues. Facilities Director and longtime friend, Charles Spellman personally toured us through the venue and restaurant recounting memories of Purvis Young, Mr. Imagination and the famed House of Blues Folk Art Festival. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel as we continue to release highlights from the tour.

Artfully yours,


PS. Here are a few links to our most recent videos spotlighting our trip the House of Blues:

Jimmy Lee Sudduth at the House of Blues -


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