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Celebrating 15 Years!

We couldn't let such an important milestone pass without recognizing it - JTFA is celebrating 15 years in business! That includes the time spent in my guest room/office and Winter Park gallery many years ago as I took my first steps into the exciting world of folk art.

During this month's Sanford Art Walk on Friday, August 24 friends joined us for champagne punch and cupcakes. I am grateful for their support over the years and also the help of my partners Howard and Robin Marks and my gallery manager Mary Shaw for their contributions to helping make my dream even better.

We have such a busy season ahead of us, with visiting artists, plus our annual Halloween Art Show, Spirits in Sanford coming up soon. I hope you'll be able to pay a visit to see what's new and what's ahead.

It has been my pleasure to bring you the best in contemporary Southern folk art over the last 15 years!

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