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A Surprise Visit From Mary Proctor - and New Arrivals!

April opened with a surprise visit from Missionary Mary Proctor and her husband Tyrone! They were kind enough to bring a fantastic new selection of art, now available on our site. Keep your eyes peeled for hand painted antique assemblage planters by Melissa Menzer, mischievous characters by Anthony Pack, and a tantalizing sampling from Kimberly Dawn Crowder who will be here for a one woman show on June 3rd!

LaVon and Debra Williams at the Keeneland Library.

LaVon Williams Commissioned for Exhibit at Keeneland Library

LaVon Williams continues to make waves in the art world. Most recently, LaVon was commissioned to carve for the Keeneland Library's latest exhibit, The Art of the Turf: Racing's Black Pioneers. The exhibit focuses on the lives and careers of 80 African American horsemen and -women from the mid-1800s to the present through exhibited interpretive panels, photographs, artwork, and video interviews. Congratulations to those of you who have met Lavon in our gallery and placed his incredible art carvings in your collection.

Seminole County Printmakers Association (And Their Steamroller) Return to JTFA!

Our favorite group of local print makers will return the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art during the annual St. John's River Arts Festival, April 29-30 (mark your calendars!). The group will be demonstrating a more theatrical way of printmaking via steamroller, then drying and displaying their prints in our center guest gallery. Prints will be for sale here at the gallery the day of the event!

Space Available for Kimberly Dawn Crowder's Art Retreat!

In addition we will host a show of her uplifting, vibrant paintings, Kimberly Dawn Crowder travels to Jeanine Taylor Folk Art from her home in Chattanooga, TN to host a one-day creative retreat where students will learn to paint their own sprawling palette tree. The artist will teach guests her signature palette painting technique using acrylic paint scrapings (or “paint skin”) from her used up palettes as foliage for a tree painted on 11x14 canvas board. All supplies will be provided.

You can register online, by phone or in person. 407-323-2774


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