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On the road again!

On the road again!

The gallery will be closed for a few days while we hit the open road and pick up a new collection of art for our upcoming autumn show, Into the Woods - Intrinsic Visions of the Deep South.

The Deep South is exactly where we are heading! A grand tour of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina is on the menu with planned visits at Lonnie & Twyla Money's homestead, Cornbread's studio, and Josh Cote's bucolic mountain oasis.

Come along with us from afar and follow our travels on social media(Instagram, Facebook, TikTok)! We're looking forward to visiting with old friends, picking up new art and making a few oddball pitstops along the way.


Sunday 7/10: NOON - 5PM

Monday 7/11: CLOSED

Tuesday 7/12: CLOSED

Wednesday 7/13: CLOSED

Thursday 7/14: CLOSED

Friday 7/15: CLOSED

Saturday 7/16: 6PM - 9PM (Gallery on First's Open Studio Night)

Something to remember us by during our week on the road -

If you happen to get lonesome for our presence, pop over to our YouTube channel and catch up on a variety of folk art videos!

Take virtual tours and peek at the private collections of folk art enthusiasts on our Folk Art Field Trips, Tours and Show Walk Throughs section of our channel.

If you're looking for insight into the artists' inspiration and creative process, check out the Artist Talks and Demos section.

Want to take a deep dive into Southern Contemporary Folk Art? There's a lot to learn in our Short Documentaries section of the channel. Featuring documentaries courtesy of PBS, The New Orleans Museum of Art, University of Central Florida and more.

The Artists Spotlight section of our channel features introductions and commentary by Jeanine on established and emerging artists in the folk art world.


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